About us

About Us

Learning Wings is a vision where we sow the seeds for lifelong learning in children. Our focus is on sustaining the preschool, not just opening one. Early learning is essential for children. It needs to be unique, stress-free, and practical. Our schools are in their area as a trend setter. Learning Wings was founded on the belief that a child's brain development and skill enhancement are the cornerstones of their future success. With our carefully designed curriculum and innovative teaching methods, we nurture critical thinking, creativity, emotional intelligence and social skills – all essential elements for a well-balanced person.

Our Philosophy

We believe that every child is a unique individual with unlimited potential. Our approach to education is centered around fostering holistic growth, where we recognize the significance of both cognitive and holistic skill development. The seeds of Learning Wings were sown with the belief that a child's brain development and the enhancement of their skills are the cornerstones of their future success. Through our carefully curated curriculum and innovative teaching methodologies, we cultivate critical thinking, creativity, emotional intelligence, and social skills – all essential elements for a well-rounded individual.

Our Journey

Learning Wings have expanded into a network of centers spread across India, all of which are designed to provide a fun and engaging learning environment for preschoolers over the years. Our legacy of success is reflected in the achievements of our alumni who have successfully transitioned into higher education and beyond. Every day, Learning Wings build a community of passionate edupreneur who aim to provide early learning in accordance with NEP and NCF. With our support and complete guidelines, our family of Learning Wings stands strong and provides real early learning in their area.

Our Mission

Set your own trends if you want to make changes. In the preschool industry, Learning Wings has established its trend in a unique way. Our objective is to extend the reach of NEP-based early childhood education globally.

Our Vision

Our Vision is to provide early learning for all children in accordance with the new educational policy (NEP) guidelines. So that each child gets a holistic improvement. Children's curiosity should extend and their brains should be teeming with new ideas. We believe that preschool education should be a harmonious process that brings together academic, artistic and practical learning.