Our Admission

Blooming Wings (Developmental Program)

Blooming Wings – (2 to 3 years)— Our goal is to provide an engaging early learning and child care experience to develop each child's cognitive, motor, creative and social competencies. In this program we give them wings for increasing their curiosity.

Growing Wings (Pre-Nursery)

Growing Wings (3 to 4 years) – This program provides the foundation for in order to accumulate all kind of skills to shape up a young learner. Children learn through developmental activities of ‘pre-writing, pre-reading, pre-math, science and social skills in a natural logical order, encouraging children to learn step by step.

Learning Wings (Nursery)

Learning Wings— (4 to 5 years) – This program revolves around children's growth, curiosity and thoughtfulness, where kids explore their ideas with a variety of activities. These activities are designed in accordance with the new education policy where the child's thoughts could be transformed into a big developmental idea. We work to flourish both parts of a child's brains.

Flying Wings (UKG)

Flying Wings (5 to 6 Years)- Through this program children will be able to express their feelings, try to find their answers and will turn their thoughts and imagination into creativity. They will easily understand each all the pre-requisite concept as well as their current academics. After this our flying wings learner will acquire airplane like wings to triumph over the leaps and bounds of this world.