Our Team

Our Team

Rekha Aggarwal-Founder Director

Roots are always an important part of any foundation. Learning Wings was founded by Rekha Aggarwal. She is passionate about new changes in early learning. In her words, if you want to change the world, start with early learning. She has more than 20 years of experience in this industry. She developed and designed curriculum for many renowned brands and worked on various pedagogies. She has knowledge of how to run and maintain the best preschool in any area. She trained around 10,000 teachers and counsellors. With a one-stop solution for teachers and parents, she has designed and developed her own books. She creates a new trend every day, and it easily becomes viral among others.

Manish Aggarwal- Managing Director

Successful management of a Managing Director position requires experienced hands. Mr. Manish Aggarwal, the managing director of Learning Wings, has over 27 years of experience in various areas. He has expertise in marketing, technology, and management. As a managing director and head, he worked with many multinational companies. He expressed his desire to take his Learning Wings flight to the next level. Everyone desires to sit on a Learning Wings flight. He manages his team as a team leader and exemplifies others. If you want to start your venture, you should know how it grows and flourishes.

Ms. Neha Goyal- Our Advisory Board

It is essential to create an environment that is safe and secure, particularly in schools. It is important for the school architecture to be suited to children. The foundation of a school building is first pioneered by an architect and in Learning Wings, we provide appropriate advice to our franchise with the assistance of a renowned senior architect. With 25+ years of experience, he has designed many renowned buildings and schools throughout India. The Learning Wing structure was created and designed by him in accordance with the NEP.

Mr. Hitesh Gupta- Our Advisory Board

Our curriculum is designed in accordance with NCF guidelines. The NEP and NCF recommend that learning should be focused on practical approaches that enhance skills. Our curriculum is covered in our books. Toy pedagogy is our primary focus. The LSRW approach is the basis of our learning program. Each program moving around child milestone. Our program gives children the experience of the senses, the curiosity to know the world inside their minds, to solve their questions and to give them the freedom to ask questions continuously, in such a way that the development of their brain can be done properly. When they ask questions, their overall development includes linguistic development, cognitive development, thematic development, global driving development, interpersonal and intrapersonal development. We provide wings through our apprenticeship program. Learning Wings enhances the skills of children to become global leaders. Our focus is on nurturing the child's curiosity and turning it into learning. The curiosity approach is based on learning directed by children, not directing them. As a result, children make their own choices and understand things on their own, which leads to confidence, critical thinking and problem solving.