Our Team

Rekha Aggarwal-Founder Director

Rekha Aggarwal is the founder of Learning Wings, which places roots as an essential part of any foundation. She is enthusiastic about the potential for new changes in early learning. In her opinion, if you wish to change the world, start with early learning. She has worked in this industry for over 20 years and has designed and developed curriculum for numerous well-known brands, as well as worked on different pedagogies.. She is knowledgeable about how to run and maintain the top preschool in any region. She has trained around 10,000 teachers and counselors. She has created and developed her own books to be a one-stop solution for teachers and parents, creating new trends every day that are easily viral among others.

Manish Aggarwal- Managing Director

Experience is necessary to manage a managing director position effectively. Mr. Manish Aggarwal, the managing director of Learning Wings, has more than 27 years of experience in many different areas. His skills include marketing, technology, and management, and he has worked with many multinational companies as a managing director and head. He communicated his desire to advance his Learning Wings flight to the next level. Everyone yearns to experience a Learning Wings flight.. His role as a team leader is to manage his team and set an example for others. To start a venture, it's important to understand its growth and flourishing.

Ms. Neha Goyal- Our Advisory Board

Our esteemed financial advisor, Ms. Neha Goyal, is a lucky addition to our team. Her extensive experience allows her to provide timely assistance, empowering us to learn how to grow and manage our financial matters effectively. Learning Wings would not be where it is today without Ms. Neha being our guiding light to financial stability and success

Mr. Hitesh Gupta- Our Advisory Board

Creating a secure and safe environment is a must, especially in schools. The school's architecture needs to be appropriate for children.An architect is the person who first pioneered the foundation of a school building, and at Learning Wings, we assist our franchise with the help of a renowned senior architect.. Over the course of 25 years, he has designed numerous prestigious buildings and schools in India. International award has been given to him for his architectural design. In accordance with the NEP, he created and designed the Learning Wing structure.